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Crochet with Grandma

Saturday, March 07, 2015

Before I share my work of crochet further with you let me introduce you to the person I learnt it from “my grandma”.

She is 75 year old fair and petite lady with long silvery hair and weak eyesight but even today nothing stops her from pursuing her passion for crochet, knitting or sewing. Both of us share one thing in common our passion for handicraft. My childhood memories are filled with her stories and teaching me how to embroider and sew. She would make make a fine mentor and taught with great precision.

Couple of  years back while I was enjoying my vacation at home with my family I saw my granny crocheting flowers for embellishing the knitted muffler my mom was making for me. As a child I could not learn that art as it was tough for me then and later I was all occupied with studies to pay attention to such an admirable art. This time she was keen that I learn this skill of hers before her hands are no more active to teach me. Looking at her enthusiasm to teach I got all inspired. She gave me my first crochet hook and bought some yarn to teach me how to make crochet flowers.

Pink crochet rose flower

Ever since my hook has never stopped making adorable embellishments giving me a sense of accomplishment. It is so much fun and relaxing. It has now become a part of me. Now when my granny sees the stuff I make out of crochet she feels happy and proud of the fact that she taught me.

Many a thanks to you granny would be less for making me a creative and thoughtful person.

pink crochet rose flower

Hope you guys like it!

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