Memories fade but pictures don't!!

Monday, April 08, 2013

I have heard this many a times but could never take out time to sit, relax and look at old photographs. After completing my MBA I was all occupied in my job and followed a lifestyle which all of follow today, “work hard and party harder”. Though I never forget to carry my camera and click pictures but never took it so seriously until last Friday.

Good Friday, a day off for most of us and more than a day off it is an extended weekend. A rarity which we all long for isin't it!

Not willing to go out and tan myself, I spent the whole day at home. I wanted to take a day off from Facebook, twitter and books. I started browsing my old photographs. I was transported to a different world altogether.  Oh!! How beautiful our childhood days were. I wish I never grew up to be employed by someone!

Those photographs bought a feeling of rejuvenation. I thought to put all these pictures in my room so that whenever I am down and tired I can energize myself. Feel the touch of my parents, love of my bro, recall all those stories from grannies and all the pranks played together with friends.

What better way I could have come up with than to make a frame myself. I was amazed myself that in a day I did a decent job.

Miss u Mom!!

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  1. Wow ...really nice work...the frame looks great


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